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Our mission is to empower artists to succeed in the 21st century

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Mikael Eskilsson, Founder and CEO

I have gone through the exact same thing as you do, I have struggled, I have tried, I have failed but I have never given up.


Making art is hard work, selling it can be even harder, but with the right tools and knowledge, you will succeed.

The online course

The course is designed to provide the best learning conditions with theoretical explanatory models, infographics, flowcharts, examples, downloadable worksheets and video content

  • Module 1

    Brand yourself as an artist

    Develop your authentic brand to stand out from the crowd. This is the foundation for your business, which will then be the starting point for communicating your artistry.

  • Module 2

    Make your art profitable

    Understand the entire process linked to your artistry. Take control over costs and income, find a beneficial workflow and price your art properly.

  • Module 3

    Make the buyers choose you

    Build strategies to define the ideal customer for your art. Learn how they think in the decision process and what makes them take the final step to purchase your artwork.

  • Module 4

    Marketing - The key to success

    Nothing sells itself, you have to make it happen. Make your exhibitions relevant, promote the right content in the right channels and get tools to really reach the crowds with your art.

  • Module 5

    Optimize your website

    It is the core of your online presence and today anyone can manage a website. It should contain all the necessary information and be designed to give an experience for your visitors.

  • Module 6

    Social media for artists

    Social media provides a great opportunity to strengthen the brand and reach out. With right content and strategies, you can reap all the benefits and improve your art business.


The team behind Artist First has over 30 years of experience from the international art business - let their success be your success

  • Mikael Eskilsson

    Expert in branding and art business management

  • Juliet Rees

    Art agent and advisor for contemporary art collectors

  • Malin Hellborg

    Marketing and social media strategy consultant

Join the community of successful artists

Their secret? Knowing that making art is not the same as selling art, understanding what needs to be done and implementing it in their business

"I have always believed that artists have to see themselves as creators of their own success. I think with a combination of hard work, a strong commitment to one's art and the understanding of what it means to be a creative entrepreneur, artists can be the agents of their own success.”

Carlos Delgado

“The course covers all aspects and everything fell into place. I finally have the confidence and knowledge to challenge myself and grow my business.”

Kim Berkhuizen

Lets get started, you are about to take the most important step in your artist  career

How to sell your art in the 21st century

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