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Empower the artist to succeed in the 21st century


When we stepped into the 21st century, the art business went through a monumental change. In today's accessible society, you no longer have to depend on art dealers to reach your audience. We have entered an era where every artist can be an entrepreneur and establish their own artist brand.

Now is the time for the artist

Art dealers and critics has dictated the terms of the market for centuries. The artist has been in a state of dependence with small possibilities to own their career. To some extent, the artist has been looked upon as an inaccessible person, confined to the studio, far away from collectors and buyers. This image has been so set in stone that artists believe that their career success lays solely in the hands of others and that they can't make a successful business on their own.

In the 21st century, the artist comes first

This is no longer the case, the rules has finally changed. We have entered a new era, where the artists can profile themselves, become a strong recognizable brand and reach out to the market and generate sales on their own, we have reached the Artists First Paradigm.

  • The art business has changed fundamentally as we entered the 21st century


  • Any artist can be a brand, reach out with their art and be discovered by art buyers


  • With the right tools and knowledge, all artists can be entrepreneurs and run a successful business


Globalization and digitization have been a crucial aspect of the art industry's recent development. The whole world has evolved into a communication society where anyone with an internet connection can reach out with their message anywhere, at any time. This has fundamentally affected our consumption behavior, we no longer want an authority to tell us what to do and why. Consumers today search for information to build their own understanding, and choose what is authentic and important for them.

When you represent yourself as an artist, you take control of your own business. You tell your story in your own words, in a credible and authentic way, and convey your artworks in their true form. You become your own brand that others can relate to and want to be associated with. You can go beyond limited dependencies, reach out to an unlimited market and be accessible to anyone.

A successful entrepreneur is someone who can see opportunities, understand the needs of others and who can present a solution. This is something everyone can manage today, with the right understanding and the right tools, all artists have the opportunity to build their own successful career. The Artist First Paradigm is here to stay and we give you the opportunity to enter through the door that has opened.

We believe in the artist

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Our mission

Empower artists world wide to succeed in the 21st century

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