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Brand yourself as an artist

It starts with you, your attitude, your vision and your goals. In the first module, we lay the foundation for your business by building a target map and defining your brand, which will then be the starting point for communicating your artistry. You get the tools needed to build your story as an artist and present you in an effective and powerful manner.


1.1    Mindset for success  

1.2    Set goals for your artistry

1.3    Build your brand as an artist

1.4    Tell your story in a compelling way

1.5    Artist statement, biography and CV


Make your art profitable

Understanding the entire process linked to your artistry is the foundation for making it profitable. In the second module, all relevant aspects of the workflow will be examined together with the necessary tools for pricing your work, balancing the production and taking control over costs and income.


2.1    Define your product for the market

2.2    Pricing your art

2.3    Calculate profitability

2.4    Optimize the business flow


Make the buyers choose you

In order to position your art on the market in the best possible way, you need to know how to find your target audience and what it is that makes them become art buyers. In module three, the most important strategies are highlighted to define the ideal customer for your art, how they think along the process and what makes them take the final step.


3.1    Identify your ideal customer  

3.2    How does the art buyer think

3.3    Make them choose you

3.4    The difference between B2B and B2C


Marketing - the key to success

Nothing sells itself, you have to make it happen. Marketing can be anything from telling friends about your latest work to extensive media campaigns. In module four all focus is on how the artist can market themselves as efficiently as possible, by collaborations, in physical forums, through media and by mastering all the online possibilities to reach the crowds.


4.1    Marketing as an artist  

4.2    Exhibiting in galleries and fairs

4.3    How to write a press release

4.4    Where to be online

4.5    Content marketing

4.6    The power of email marketing

4.7    Let others do the job

4.8    Let the numbers talk


Optimize your website

The website is the core of your online presence, it should contain all the necessary information about your artistry and be the reference point for speculators before purchasing your art. Make it stand out in the crowd and design it in a way that makes visitors go all the way down the sale funnel and become customers.


5.1    The must-haves for your website  

5.2    Sale funnel - the customer journey

5.3    SEO for artists

Extra: If you still don't have a website


Social media for artists

Social media provides a great opportunity to strengthen the brand, reach out to the masses and generate leads. In the sixth module we present the most efficient strategies and the most relevant tools for Facebook and Instagram, so you can reap all the benefits and improve your art business.


6.1    Artist on social media 

6.2    The algorithms explained

6.3    Get awareness and stay relevant

6.4    Sell art on social media

6.5    Best practice for video content

6.6    Create ads for Facebook and Instagram

Lets get started, you are about to take the most important step in your artist  career

How to sell your art in the 21st century

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