Why artists should focus on content marketing

Any artist that is representing themselves to some degree, want to do more efficient marketing. The more results you get, the less time you can spend on it, and instead put that towards what is the most important for you, creating art.

Content marketing is for the artist that is just learning about marketing, but also for the experienced. Maybe you have the followers, and you use the right hashtags, and you know how to take photos, but still don’t get as many likes and comments as you should on Instagram and Facebook? You write a well written and interesting blog but no one comments on it, and why is no one reacting to your tweets?

You probably don’t need to change a lot, some minor adjustments could be all you need to do to shoot from slumbering to success. Use a content marketing structure and a storytelling mindset and you will improve results without adding work time.

And the best thing is, as an artist, you already have everything you need. You just need to put it in place.

What is content marketing and why is it important

The easiest way to explain content marketing is this: It is the purposeful creation of content with the intent to give value to the receiver. What you should create, what your receivers finds valuable and how to convey it, all builds from there.

Content marketing will help you get noticed on social media such as Instagram and Facebook as well as search engines like Google. It builds trust and gives potential art buyers a chance to get to know you, and people are more likely to buy from an artist they know and trust.

And most important of all, content marketing is just the right thing for artists. Think about it, you already have a product of interest (your art), that product is visibly appealing, and there is a perfect connection between the product, who made it and why.

Still in doubt, ask the experts: In one survey, 72% of marketers said they believe content marketing is more efficient than traditional advertisements in magazines.

Focus on why, not what

When it comes to what to include in your content, its natural for most to think that arguments are the natural way to sell things: “Buy this dress because the quality of the cotton is superior” or “This car has a superiorly built engine that will be low maintenance and outlast the competition”.

However, as best described by Simon Sinek, it starts with why. A successful seller doesn’t speak about how much better the fabric of a dress is, and I have never seen a car advertisement speaking about the longevity of the engine.

Close your eyes and picture a car ad on TV, they are all the same: car driving on cool road in beautiful nature, rarely even mentions the cars performance, the choice of song is much more important! For you as an artist this mean that you want to focus on the feeling it would give a potential buyer to own one of your artworks.

It is all about creating a feeling

How to make the why stand out

To get this across, you want to use storytelling as a method. Telling stories are an ancient and natural way for humans to interact and study after study finds it as an extremely efficient method to convey a message. For an artist, the person is the brand, and therefore you have a head start when working with your story, as it is already personal.

In fact, you are already halfway there. You create visually stunning products, and people yearn to know more about why you make them the way you do. You as a person is the answer and therefore you already have all the knowledge needed. You just need to put the pieces in place in a structured way.

Learn how to work with content marketing as an artist, how to build up your storytelling, and much more, in the online course How to sell your art in the 21st century by Artist First Official.

So, should artists do content marketing – off course!